Switch To Natural Gas Ottawa

Switch To Natural Gas Ottawa

Switch to Natural Gas

Switch to natural gas Ottawa

If you are considering to convert from electricity to natural gas or convert from oil to natural gas or even convert from wood burning to natural gas as your primary fuel source, you are making the right decision. According to our local natural gas provider “Enbridge”, natural gas is environmentally more friendly, convenient and more cost effective than other energy sources to use. Today, many Canadians have switched to natural gas or merely considering to switch to natural gas because they can save up to 2/3 of their home heating costs.

Why switch to natural gas Ottawa residence?

Natural gas adds value to your home

Natural gas is Ottawa’s energy choice for heating homes, business and water, plus adding natural gas furnaces, water heaters, and fireplaces add to the resale value of your home.

Save you money with natural gas

Whether you’re converting from electricity to gas, oil to gas, or propane to natural gas you can save up to an average of 50% when using natural gas, as natural gas is significantly less expensive than electricity, oil and propane. Use natural gas vs electric heat cost calculator provided by Enbridge to see how much you can save in heating costs.

Natural gas for every day living

You can use natural gas – for heating water to clothes dryers to fireplaces, for barbecuing, lighting your yard and even heating your swimming pool.

Natural gas is safe and reliable

Natural gas gives you peace of mind. You’ll be using one of the safest energy sources available. With natural gas you get consistent source of energy use, so you don’t have to think about running out of fuel or arranging for deliveries specially if you are on oil or propane tank.

Natural gas is simply more convenient

Install a natural gas fireplace or an outdoor fire-table and enjoy cozy heat at the push of a button. With a natural gas barbecue you’ll never worry about running out of propane or charcoal again!

How To Switch To Natural Gas In My Home

Make The Switch To Natural Gas

At Impressive Climate Control, our professional and knowledgable energy saving advisers are always on duty to answer your questions about any residential heating jobs, or small commercial heating projects.

  • Contact one of our energy saving advisers today or request a quote.
  • We apply for a gas meter on your behalf. Wait times for meters can be lengthy, so it’s best to book ahead. We recommend to start your application process to avoid cut-off periods by gas suppliers.
  • We arrange for removal of the oil tank and the installation of the new gas equipment.
  • We test and make sure your new system is working efficiently with your satisfaction guaranteed.
  • When choosing Impressive Climate Control as your heating and cooling contractor you are in good hands as our A+ Rating on BBB has been a piece of mind to many of our loyal and valued customers.