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Installing Wood Burning
how to choose gas fireplace
F5100 Catalytic Wood Stove

How To Store Firewood

HOW TO STORE FIREWOOD? Learn how to store firewood at home. Wood is an increasingly popular fuel due to its sustainability and the popularity of wood burners. In this article on how to store firewood in summer, we are sharing some key information…

Wood Gas or Electric Fireplace

Wood, Gas or Electric Fireplace Deciding between wood gas or electric fireplace can be somewhat frustrating. Specially for homeowners who are trying to retrofit an existing fireplace. They may require an extensive planning, consultation and…
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gas fireplace safety screen

Gas Fireplace Safety Screen A Safe & Hearth Warming Fireplace As of January 1, 2015, all gas fireplace manufacturers must include safety screens or protective barriers to reduce the potential for accidental contact with glass windows.…