Ductless Cooling Ottawa

Ductless Cooling Ottawa

Ducted or Ductless … It’s a Comfortable Choice

The ductless cooling split air conditioner is a stylish and efficient air conditioning that adds value to your home. It’s whisper quiet, and can be installed


Ductless Cooling Ottawa

almost anywhere. The Ductless Heat Pump units provide all these same benefits while also heating your home through those cold winter months. With no duct-work necessary, the ductless cooling unit is an efficient cooling alternative to central air conditioners.
Ductless cooling has many application uses. For example, running air conditioning to a room that does not have duct-work already or to a space where your current system is not keeping up with periodic high load conditions. A good example would be a commercial kitchen space located close to hot ovens. Other applications could be for specific rooms or additions built to already existing dwellings, and also art or music studios which require quiet air conditioners.

Impressive Climate Control offers quality ac and furnace service, maintenance and installation as well as investment protection plans to cover all your cooling units. We carry top brand names such as Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Daikin, Carrier, Lennox, Trane, Goodman, American Standard and other reputable brands paired with our precise installation and excellent customer service, you sure are in good hands.

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How does a ductless cooling system work?

The ductless system has both an outdoor and indoor component, which are connected with two small refrigerant pipes. Working like a heat pump on warm days, the pump will extract heat from inside the home and transfer it outdoors. Conversely, on cold days, the pump will flow heat energy into the home from the outside. In cooling mode, a heat pump operates as an air conditioner, while in heating mode, a heat pump may, quite simply, be thought of as an air conditioner equipped with a reverse mode.

Similarly, the ductless air conditioner has the same two components with connecting refrigerant pipes. These units, however, are limited to cooling only and do not have the heating functionality. This system can easily be installed in a variety of locations, including compact spaces on walls or recessed into a ceiling; it is perfect for hard to cool places such as computer rooms, additions and retrofit add-ons, music or art studios that require whisper quite cooling, and hard to cool areas of stacked homes with three stories.

Ductless cooling advantages:

  • End of costly duct cleaning for homes with no duct work.
  • Eco Friendly – environmentally-sound R410A puron refrigerant
  • Purifying Indoor Air – anti-allergen filters remove airborne allergy causing bacteria from indoor air
  • Programmable Remote Thermostat – exclusive “I Feel” control system, which allows you to press the smart “Too Cool” or “Too Warm” buttons to             automatically adjust and save your temperature settings
  • Troubleshooting Capable – with self-diagnostic feature
  • Super Quite Technology – you would hardly hear the unit working

How to choose a ductless air conditioner?

Whether looking to install a ductless in your home or cottage, choosing the right ductless can help you achieve affordable, efficient and effective home cooling. Besides the fact that you should consider buying an ENERGY STAR rated ductless mini split air conditioning system, there other important facts that you should keep in mind such as:

The size of the ductless unit: A single zone or multiple zone split system
A single zone ductless split system will consist of one evaporator, or air handler (indoor unit), and one condenser (outdoor unit). If you are looking to cool more than one area, a multiple zone split system applies two, three, or four (depending on the model) indoor units to one condenser. Normally its one unit per room – just make sure there is enough BTUs to cover the square footage in the room.

BTU (British Thermal Units): Can vary depending on the brand
The larger the area you want to cool the more BTU’s you need. The good thing about multiple zone ductless system is that each individual head can operate independently cooling areas as you may need and not going over the maximum BTU available from your outside condenser unit once all heads are operating simultaneously.

Installation type: Wall mounted, floor mounted or ceiling mounted
Many different options are available for the indoor ductless units. Some wall mounted units will come with customizable front panels that look like picture frames. Another type is mounted on the ceiling, either suspended from the ceiling, recessed into the ceiling or concealed inside the ceiling. Ceiling units are for single zone applications only.

With our Impressive expertise and vast knowledge about ductless split systems we guarantee to install a ductless system that is the right fit for your space and cooling needs. We have our own licensed HVAC installers who have gone through extensive training specially by reputable manufacturer’s such as Mitsubishi Electric to obtain their license.


What You Need To Know When You Start Shopping For Split Type Air Conditioners!

  • age and size of home

  • number of windows

  • exposure to sun

  • ceiling height

  • possible locations for ductless installation

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