Pellet Stoves Ottawa

Pellet Stoves Ottawa

The benefits of installing a wood pellet stove unit are pellets create considerably less ash than firewood, giving off less creosote, a flammable byproduct of combustion that can build up and cause chimney fires. Wood pellet stoves are general small and consume pellet bags about the size of a mulch bag, making them easy to store in comparison to wood logs.


Pellet Stoves Ottawa

Pellet stoves are also easy to operate; they on­ly require loading pellets and igniting the flame. And depending on what size hopper your stove has, it may need to be loaded only once a day.

Because the fire is contained in a heat box inside the unit, there is a minimum of smoke, which lessens the smell in your home and prevents the outside of the unit from heating up. Freestanding stoves provide unparalleled ambiance and traditional style, no matter what fuel type you choose. Heat multiple rooms and create a cozy, inviting space with the free standing stove from Impressive Climate Control. We carry several different brands of stoves which you can choose from. Be sure to visit our fireplace store today and learn about different pellet stoves.


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