Wood Inserts Ottawa

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Wood Inserts Ottawa

Wood burning fireplace inserts are the perfect solution for upgrading an existing Masonry Fireplace. Choosing a more efficient system will add value to your home, save you money on your heating bill and create a memorable space in your home.


Wood Inserts Ottawa

You can easily install a wood insert into your existing masonry fireplace and stop losing as much as 90% of your fire’s heat up the chimney! Specially EPA-certified wood inserts are cleaner burning and more efficient than a typical none-certified wood burning inserts. With the new advancement in wood burning technology, the new wood inserts are so efficient that you can use them as the primary heat source for your home during our cold Canadian winters. Quite often government rebates are available (check government sites for details). We Carry a wide range of high efficiency catalytic and none catalytic wood burning fireplaces as well as free standing wood burning stoves.

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Below are listed just a few of the more popular models to get you started. Wood Inserts are ideal for existing installations, for new installations checkout our wood fireplaces.
Models range from traditional styling with reliable cook top surfaces to more elegant cast iron designs that are a beautiful investment as well as contemporary wood burning inserts that are more appealing to modern homes. Feel free to browse, then visit our fireplace showroom, where our expert staff are delighted to assist you.

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