Wood Stoves Ottawa

There Is Nothing Like a Wood Fire

Wood Stoves Ottawa

Add a classically styled wood stove Ottawa home owners. Choose from small, medium or large sizes of free standing wood burning stoves that will heat your favorite living spaces with renewable, clean burning and efficient heat. Save money on your heating bill…and get back to basics with a beautiful wood burning stove. There is nothing like a wood fire.


Wood Stoves Ottawa

EPA-certified wood stoves are cleaner burning and more efficient than the typical non-certified wood stoves. Yes. With EPA-certified wood stoves, you can expect to use up to one-third less firewood than you would using an older, less efficient stove burning stoves. The smoke that you see coming out of the chimney is really lost energy. In EPA-certified wood stoves, most of the smoke is burned, resulting in more heat for your home from the same amount of wood. It will also save you time because you will need to haul less wood.

As for the best stove size, talk with our experienced hearth experts who know the performance characteristics of each individual product we carry. Bring a floor plan of your home when you visit our showroom. Our Knowledgeable staff can help you find a wood stove, fireplace insert, or other hearth products that is well suited to the space you want to heat.

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