Furnaces Heating Ottawa

In the times of rising utility costs, it is important to invest in a high efficiency furnace that saves you up to 50% on your energy bills.


Save on your hydro bills with gas furnaces heating Ottawa homes. A forced air high efficiency furnace can get up to 98.2% efficiency, which can accumulate your savings to approximately over $800 a year. Making you feel even better about your decision month after month when you upgrade to a high efficiency gas furnace. Whether, renting or replacing your furnace you could be eligible for heating and cooling incentives. The latest enhanced technology of WiFi thermostats lets you remotely control your settings by using a smart-phone or computer. As a home-owner you will have more power to control your energy consumption and ultimately saving more on your Hydro bills.

Learn about the benefits on switching to natural gas if you are using an oil furnace or electric furnace for heating your home.