Aprilaire Filters Ottawa

Aprilaire Pleated Filters

Aprilaire Filters Ottawa


You don’t have to tolerate polluted indoor air. Aprilaire can help.

With Aprilaire filters in pleated shapes with strong fabric there is a dedicated filtration of your air quality and giving you and your family the very best indoor comfort possible by providing the benefits of properly controlling indoor air quality throughout your entire home.


Aprilaire Filters Ottawa

Aprilaire Air Cleaners come in a variety of models and sizes as follows:

Aprilaire Model 2200, Aprilaire Model 2400, Aprilaire Model 2250, Aprilaire Model 1210, Aprilaire Model 4200, Aprilaire Model 3210, Aprilaire Model 2210, Aprilaire Model 2600, Aprilaire Model 1310, Aprilaire Model 2310, Aprilaire Model 3310, Aprilaire Model 4300, Aprilaire Model 1410, Aprilaire Model 3410, Aprilaire Model 2410, Aprilaire Model 4400, Aprilaire Model 5000 & Aprilaire Model 1510.

Aprilaire total comfort products don’t just treat your home’s air temperature; they also provide year-round control of humidity, air purity, and ventilation solutions to your entire home, so you can enjoy the ultimate in indoor comfort.

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